Two nice reviews have appeared of our book Marxism and Social Movements (Brill, 2013). One was published recently in Ceasefire Magazine, written by Puneet Dhaliwal, and has the following to say about the book:

47768Given the dearth of politically judicious and penetrating analyses of contemporary popular mobilisations, Marxism and Social Movements is a timely and refreshing contribution to social movement studies. Though the subject matter examined in each chapter is diverse— spanning, in total, struggles across six continents and over 150 years—the edited volume as a whole presents a compelling case for reviving Marxist analytical frameworks to examine social movements.”

The other, written in Norwegian by Andreas Ytterstad and published on the website of Radikal Portal, had similar things to say:

“Men det Marxism and Social Movements demonstrerer, er at det er større sjanse for å vinne en annen verden hvis du ser at kapitalismen er kjerneproblemet, og satser på at arbeiderklassens kamp for å frigjøre seg selv fra dette systemet også gir de beste forutsetningene for å gjøre slutt på undertrykkingen, utbyttingen og ødeleggelsen av livsgrunnlaget vårt på moder jord.”

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